Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My First Blog

Hello, all you stalkers out there.
First,  let me remind you that I have no information you could possibly want to know. In short, I am a nobody.  If you still want to stalk me, knock yourself out. I have always wanted to feel important!
Secondly, I am invisible. You don't know me, probably. I know you, though, and if I don't, I will soon find out EXACTLY who you are, so watch what you say....!
If you are reading this, that is SO AWESOME.
Do you know that this is the first time I have ever made a blog! I think this is a chance for me to blow off my head about everything I wanted to say but really couldn't.
Let's start you off, fellow stalker. (Yes, I stalk people too. Amazing how many things you can find out this way, right?)
1. I am a bibliophile. Never read a book I didn't like, except maybe the Yearling. UGHHHH. Don't even get me started.
2. That's all I have really established about myself.
So... here I go, on my journey to self-actualization. I welcome you to a place where you can hear me ramble for free.


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