Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Post-Graduation Sentimentality

Well, my graduation went rather well. I made a speech.  If the stalker within you is wondering what I graduated from, I am afraid my subliminal conscience advises me to not disclose that kind of information.

All of my friends are moving to another school, and it makes me rather sad. I hate it when things are perfectly fine and they start to change - like you don't know what could happen tomorrow?

I know a responsible adult who tells me that change is a part of human nature and we have to learn to accept it. She says that it is natural for humans to have a need to know ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING thus the reason why we often stumble upon information that negatively impacts our psyche, and we realize, too late, it was best not to know.

Today I am feeling philosophical and took it upon myself to enlighten readers on the benefit of WONDERING.

Love you forever,

Thank you for wondering.

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