Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I've been getting a lot of those awkward silences lately. If you have a habit of talking to yourself, you know what I mean.

'Hey! I remember you!'
'Your name was.... Yeah! My name is......'

TALK TO ME! I'm not that repulsive, am I?
>Sniffs T-Shirt<
Strawberries from today's shower!
So it's not body odor then.

I'm such a loner, no joke. Look at this. I created a blog so I would receive some attention, and what do I   get? 20 PAGE VIEWS by only ME! WoW. This should tell me something about myself.

I could tell you my life story, but who is listening? ME!

Oh, me, do you remember that time when I forgot to wear my pants to school! I laughed so hard at me when I read that story 10 years later and wrote it on a blog that I am reading all alone, laughing at my own jokes. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


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